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What Would You Choose To Store On Your Shelving?

The beauty about the Shelfstore shelving system is that not only is it incredibly strong, but our system is modular meaning you can tailor your unit precisely to fit any space.

With our timeless design – you also have the benefit of the shelving system looking good wherever you decide to store it! Just take a look at the shelving below and imagine having these in your home…

Shelving 2Shelving 3Shelving 1What would you choose to store on them? To give you a bit of inspiration we’ve put together a few creative ideas:

Keep your office supplies neat

The last thing you want it for all your important paperwork to go missing. A few shelving units can help to keep all those household documents in perfect order and within easy reach.

Declutter the kids’ toys

Whether it’s just a few books and games they’ve recently had out or their favourite collection of stuffed animals or figurines – it’s important to have a place in their bedroom or playroom where they can display their favourite toys neatly.

Keep your kitchen utensils organised

There’s nothing worse than forgetting about those cans in the back of your kitchen cupboard which always expire quicker than you know it. Therefore it’s time to get out the pantry shelving organise it so you’ll never have through anything out again.

Turn your hallway into a welcoming space

If you want your guests to feel welcome and relaxed as soon as they enter your home, then you’ve got to keep your hallway a place that is always clutter free.

A well organised living space

We all have collections of things we love – whether its books, CD’s, DVD’s, photos or knick knacks – however the one thing that can be difficult is finding the perfect storage that will not only be able to hold your entire collection, but one that is able to suit however big or small your collection is.

If you have any other ideas or are using your shelving for something more unique – please tweet us your ideas @Shelfstore.



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