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The Importance of Storage

Imagine your home, now take every single storage solution away. What are you left with? For me, it would be books all over the place, tonnes of DVDS scattered on the floor, kid’s toys overflowing, unfiled papers, kitchen utensils all over surfaces – I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture. Storage is more important than you’d think. These are the top 3 storage solutions I couldn’t live without.

Bookcase Shelving

I may be biased, but having somewhere to store your books and DVDS Is essential. At Shelfstore, we provide tailor made shelving solutions for you. No matter the size of the room, we can provide simple, reliable storage to suit your everyday needs. So pack away those DVDS and organise those books – they have a home now.

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Kitchen Cupboards

We all know what it’s like, that weekly food shop has left your kitchen bursting at the seams and there’s nowhere to place that extra batch of kitchen roll you got with a BOGOF offer. Good kitchen storage is essential. I love this idea of extra storage under a centre island, not only is it practical but it’s great for feeding a large family!

Bathroom Storage

We mustn’t forget good storage in the bathroom. There are some of us who have enough lotions and potions to stir up a witches brew, and with lots of bathrooms being compact there can be issues when it comes to storage. It’s important to use every inch of space available, I love this cabinet which combines towel storage with room for soaps and lotions etc.

So there you have it, my top 3 home storage essentials. What storage solution do you find most useful in your home? Tweet your ideas to @shelfstore

By Tony Fitz-Costa – Check me out on Google+.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.



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