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Why is it important for your Business to get involved in Seasonal Holidays?


With Halloween just around the corner, there’s still just enough time for you to get involved and into that Halloween spirit!

Halloween is the perfect time of year to get creative – as well as creepy!  It is a holiday annually celebrated on October 31 where pumpkins start to appear on shelves and we often find ourselves dressing up as scary/silly fancy dress.

But is it the same in the business world?

Traditions are important in companies just as they are in families. Halloween is one of the best holiday traditions to establish and celebrate at work. With Halloween climbing right up the holiday charts and now taking the spot of the second most popular holiday in the UK, second only to Christmas – it is definitely one to get involved in, not only for the sake of your customers but it’s also popular with employees.

You may think it sounds silly or find it hard to realise why it’s so important to get your business involved in this holiday – but have you ever really thought about how much of an effect seasonal decoration can have on your business?

Whatever time of year it is – whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc. it’s always great to get your business involved in any way possible.

Take a look at these inspiring ways why your business needs to get involved in regular seasonal holidays:

  • The Chance to be Creative

Costumes, decorations and parties have become more elaborate over the years. Everybody can carve a pumpkin or dress up, but doing something fun at work is a great way to show that you can be creative too!

It’s a great way to really show off your creative personality – and your customers will respond to creativity! Therefore this is your ideal chance to really WOW your customers to show off who you really are.

  • The Chance to Stand Out

Small businesses get some of the biggest boosts from Halloween. And you don’t even have to be in a Halloween-related business to tap into the Halloween spirit!

Why not try a number of different ways to spook up your shop or office or try a few tricks for scaring your clients and customers on the day. Decorating goes without saying, and if you’re doing business online, be sure to decorate your website too.

Try to remember that customers love these events – so during the season or the day why not try handing out treats or making it just that little bit extra special to put a smile on your customers’ faces.

  • The Chance to get Customers Attention

Think about how many businesses are directly and indirectly involved with things like costumes, candy, pumpkins, cards decorations and more.

If your business is getting involved in this fun season, then customers are going to be intrigued by what you do. It’s also a great way to help attract new customers – just think about it, with the spookiest décor on the block, potential customers are going to be drawn to your business.

  • The Chance to Improve Morale in the Work Place

Throwing a Halloween party can be a great way to promote employee morale, teamwork, and inter-departmental cooperation. It can also help to identify creativity, innovation and leadership talents among your employees that you can develop for business purposes.  Try creating a simple team building task such as getting into mixed teams and working together to create the most unique pumpkin. Simple – but lots of fun – and a refreshing change from the norm.

Christmas is still quite a few weeks away—but Halloween is just round the corner.

With these ideas in mind, you can add a touch of fun to your business – whilst increasing brand awareness with current and potential customers alike. So dust off your witch hat and broomstick, get out there and have fun. Even if you haven’t started – it’s not too late.

Enjoy… cackle, cackle

By Tony Fitz-Costa. Check me out on Google+

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