Three Wimbledon Essentials

You don’t always need to be tennis expert to appreciate and experience Wimbledon. It’s so much more than just a sports event – it is a quintessential moment of Britishness.

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From watching the matches on the pitches, to sitting out in the sun with strawberries and pimms watching the big screens – it’s what the team at Shelfstore believe is the perfect day out.

To celebrate the start of Wimbledon, we’ve put together a list of all important things that we believe you need in order to be prepared for the day out…

1.      Dust off the cool bag

Grab that cool bag that’s been sitting at the back of your kitchen cupboards and take it with you because Wimbledon is one of those rare sporting events that still lets you bring in outside food – and alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget to bring a blanket and secure a picnic spot too – you’ll thank us later.

2.      Experience the two most famous symbols of the tournament

It’s not a real Wimbledon experience without pimm’s and strawberries with cream. If you’re on a budget then packing your own is well worth considering – as food prices aren’t cheap inside the grounds.

 3.      Be prepared for all weather conditions

Expect all four seasons in one day. English summers are notorious for being unpredictable – and more often than not it will rain at some point during the championships. Therefore we encourage you to come prepared for all weather conditions whether it’s hot or cold, wet or dry. So be sure to prep with sunglasses, sun hat, poncho, sun cream and an umbrella ­– handy come rain or shine.

Whether you’re a legitimate tennis fan or just in it for the pimm’s, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships are a must see. So if you haven’t made plans to go this year – then start planning for next year.



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