Paperback Shelving

Proudly display your book collection with our versatile paperback shelving. With our easy to use design tool you can create any shelving arrangement to suit your home, from a simple pine bookcase to a large, multifunctional library and storage system.

Our unique wooden units are perfect for any home, school or workplace. Keep the children’s books and toys stored away tidily or ensure office files and paperwork are organised and ready to grab whenever you might need them.

Designing Your Own Pine Bookcase

Purchasing a basic three shelf bookcase is all well and good, but what happens when your paperback collection increases? With Shelfstore book shelving you can easily come back to us and order additional shelves for your system, along with cupboards, drawers or sliding keyboard shelves to help maximise your space.

Constructed from high quality solid pine, each component is finely sanded with a tough varnish finish to create a practical and stylish unit.

Designed to last a lifetime, our modular systems can be put together in minutes and are easy to take down when you move home or decide to re-arrange your furniture.

Unique steel shelving supports can be fitted underneath each shelf to provide extra strength and stability for heavier loads. As each shelf can hold 100kg, you can rest assured that your hardback copies of Harry Potter and Jane Austin classics can be stored and displayed safely.

Want to keep books and other items hidden away? Add cupboard doors to keep your home looking trendy and tidy or include a handy foldaway desk or table where you can complete artwork and puzzles without taking up loads of floor space.


For more information on our paperback shelving, give us a call or complete our online enquiry form. Our experts can help you create the ideal shelving system to suit your requirements.

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