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Your Get Organised Checklist for 2017!

Well the house is looking bare now that the Christmas decorations have been packed away and you may well be struggling to keep to those New Year Resolutions you made at the start of January, but take heart! All is not lost! Now that the frenzy of Christmas is well and truly past and your energy levels have returned to normal, it’s the best time to focus and look forward to getting organised for the New Year. January is after all Get Organised Month!

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Update your calendar

Start by noting down in your calendar all birthdays, appointments and holidays and of course don’t forget some ‘me time’ too – whether that’s to exercise, start to learn something new or spend time with family or friends!

Tidy up paperwork

Clear out old paperwork and file away any that is still lying around. Then shred what you no longer need and if the amount of paper is still weighing you down, why not go paperless!

Clear out clutter

Work through each room in your house – especially those that get used by all the family – and clear out the clutter discarding anything that’s not be used regularly. As a rule of thumb if you haven’t used something for at least a year, it’s likely you no longer need it!


Create more storage

Take a look at your shelving, cupboard or drawer units and work out if you need more storage units to be able to tidy things up. Don’t forget to check out your kitchen, bathroom and loft as well as your home office too! There are always ways to make best use of the space you have.

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Mini Spring clean

Freshen up your bedrooms too with a mini Spring clean! Flip and vacuum the mattresses, clean the light fittings (replacing any bulbs whilst you’re at it) and the inside of the windows too to give a brighter feel to all the rooms.

Living an organised life can save you time and energy and increase your productivity and should, therefore, make you happier!

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