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How Our Bridging Beam Fitting Can Help Create More Storage Space

First you might ask us – what is a bridging beam fitting? Bridging beams are the simplest structural forms for bridge which are supported by a shelf either side.

For our customers, bridging beam fittings are either used for rooms with very little storage space OR they can be used for those awkward areas in your home. Below are a few scenarios:

Scenario one – for rooms with very little storage space

Bedrooms are often places where we run out of space – but there is one way you can create lots of space for you clothes, blankets, books – you name it! And that is over the bed storage using a bridging beam fitting. Making use of the space above your bed is not only a great way to make use of your vertical space, but it is a great place to hide away all that stuff we accumulate. Just take a look at this video.

fitting a bridging beram

Scenario two – for awkward areas in your home

Let’s say you’ve got a huge book collection that you want on display in your living room – you might need to use the entire wall for storage. But there’s a radiator or window in the way. Bridging beam to the rescue! By using a bridging beam fitting you are able to make the storage go over the radiator or window but still have the entire wall dedicated to your book collection just like the picture below.

Bridgine beam 1

There you have it! Two brilliant examples of how a bridging beam fitting could be the answer to your storage troubles. And if you’re still unsure about how our bridging beam fittings work, then be sure to take a look our video.



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