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Three Unexpected Storage Solutions To Consider This Year

At the start of a New Year – we tend to think about the changes we want to make. These could be changes to our personal lifestyle or even changes in the home.

Today we want to focus on some changes you could consider in your home…

At Shelfstore we know how much of an impact clutter can have – on both your home and your mood. So if you are someone who is feeling the stress when it comes to the amount of clutter in your home, then perhaps you need to consider how you can make your home more organised.

There’s only one way to do this in our minds and that’s to create some more storage space. You may have already thought about the ways you can incorporate storage into your home – but have you considered these unexpected places…

Under the bed storage

Storing clothing constitutes a big part of our storage problem. In the past, we’ve only ever had wardrobes as the main way to store our clothes – but now there are more innovative ideas. Let’s say you have a bed that’s quite high up with plenty of space underneath like the one below? Why not consider adding a few drawers to sit right underneath – it’s the perfect place for all your winter wear and blankets!

Bright yellow room for girlSeparate your wardrobe into compartments

We all suffer the same problem – too many clothes and not enough wardrobe space. Why not consider using partitions to divide your wardrobe into smaller compartments specifically to suit your clothing needs – that way there will less wastage of space and may even reveal new hidden storage space that you weren’t already aware of.

wardrobe 2 Ceiling storage

The ceiling is an often under used space that you can exploit. The example below shows you how the ceiling can be used to store books. It is a clever idea that we’ve seen many people use – not only does it make use of an unused area, but it creates a nice featured wall effect.


There you have it folks! Has our suggestions got you thinking?

If so then why not head on over to our online design wizard where you can have a go at creating your very own made to measure system to suit a specific space.



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