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How to Create the Perfect Sofa and Shelves Combo

Making the most of your living area doesn’t have to be a fine art. Whether your home is big, small or somewhere in between, the chances are you’ll want to utilise the space you have. Shelving plays a vital role when it comes to storage and displaying decorative ornaments, whereas the sofa is the centrepiece of the living room. Creating the perfect bespoke sofa and shelves combo helps you to maximise your available living space.

Beth, from create your own sofa retailer Meet Your Sofa, let’s us in on a few secrets of how to create the perfect sofa and shelves combo for your living space…

sofa 1

1. Measure Up!

Sometimes a living room isn’t a perfect square or rectangle – there may be alcoves, sloping ceilings and other nooks and crannies to deal with. It’s a good idea to measure your entire living space, making a note of the room architecture, radiators and other such obstacles.

Shelfstore shelves are available in six depths, seven widths and seven heights so there’s literally a shelf size for rooms of any shape. For example, if you do have awkward alcoves then the Meet Your Sofa corner sofas would work a treat in your living room, along with an L-shaped shelving system.

sofa 2

2. It’s All in the Lifestyle

The way you live your life heavily influences the type of sofa and shelving combo you should opt for. List the sort of items you want to show off on your shelves, be it books, movies, your retro record collection, prized ornaments or sentimental trinkets. If you’re a bookworm and own enough paperbacks to rival the local library then you’ll benefit from a bespoke Shelfstore bookcase.

However, if you want your shelving to hold your decorative ornaments then you’d be better off with something less intrusive and with deeper shelves for better protection. As for sofas, if you tend to host a lot of guests then four seater sofas are perfect for your living room. But if you enjoy lots of cosy nights in then your best bet would be a cosy armchair – ideal for snuggling up with your favourite book and a cup of tea.

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3. Determining Your Style

We all have different tastes and styles – that’s what makes the world so interesting. For contemporary lovers there’s the wonderful Jasper 3 Seater Sofa available for you to customise, whereas for those of you more inclined to classic tastes, it might be worth trying the Charleston 3 Seater Sofa. In fact, at Meet Your Sofa, we cater for all sorts of styles – from hip retro to sturdy traditional sofas.

At Shelfstore it’s easy to create a shelving system based on your exact style preferences. Whether you prefer efficient 7-tier Scandi-style shelves, symmetrical minimalist designs or traditional bookcases, Shelfstore have got the answer. Their shelves are constructed from high quality pine and can hold up to 100kg, making them the most durable bespoke shelves available.

Ready to go bespoke? Create your own designer sofa at Meet Your Sofa today!



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