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Don’t Let Your Vertical Space Go To Waste

Are you someone who is running out of storage space in your home? Consider looking up!

That’s right – we may spend lots of time trying to think about how we can incorporate storage into those small spaces, but don’t forget to think about your overhead space.

If you’ve got plenty of wall space that’s completely empty then maybe now is the time to make the most of that space. These designs should help inspire you – here are three of our favourite designs:

Bridging Beam

Bedrooms are often places where we run out of space – but there is one way you can create lots of space for you clothes, blankets, books – you name it! And that is over the bed storage using a bridging beam fitting – just take a look at this video. Making use of the space above your bed is not only a great way to make use of the space that is already being used, but it a great place to hide away all that stuff we accumulate.

fitting a bridging beram
Ceiling shelf

A simple ceiling shelf can become a feature on its own when used to store collections of things – whether it’s your anthology of books, your beloved trophy collection etc. As long as you keep it for just the items you use the least or are only for display purposes.

modern living room

Floor to ceiling bookcases

Don’t let vertical space go to waste. Think cleverly about where a brand new bookcase could go in your home and then consider working with that height. Not only will this help you from having heaps of stuff piling up on the floor but you’ll be taking advantage of every inch of available space.

Media library at institute of a development of education If you in need of any more advice on the best ways to make the most of your space, or how to make a room seem a lot bigger than it actually is, take a look at our blog on how to create more space in the home.



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