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The Beauty Of Adding Components To Your Existing System With Shelfstore

If you’re an existing Shelfstore customer then you’ll know that the great thing about our system is that you can never run out of storage space.

The Shelfstore shelving and storage system is not only one that is built to last a lifetime, but it’s also a modular system – meaning that you can build or ‘add on’ to your existing system if ever needed.

Picture this… It may be that you first bought your Shelfstore system when you and your partner first moved in to your new home. But as the years have gone by you’ve decided to start a family – and as your family has grown, you find yourselves having less and less space in the home and become in desperate need of more storage. Not to worry though – that’s where we can help!

One of our latest guest bloggers had a similar problem – Rachel who was so excited to put her new Shelfstore system together noticed a problem – they had ordered the wrong thing and their system wasn’t deep enough. She had ordered shelves at a depth of 18cm rather than 40cm. However after realising this mistake they decided to keep it and carry on building it up.

We then got in touch with Rachel and explained to her that due to our modular system there was still a way she could extend her system to the depth that she wanted. Take a look at the video below for an example:

to uploadAll she had to do was to decide how much deeper she wanted her system to be and then order the same sized bottom units as before, but with a different depth. Then when her new units were delivered, all she had to do was use a mounting fixture to join the two parts together.

She now couldn’t be happier with her Shelfstore unit and says on her blog:

“It’s stable and secure, and does the job perfectly. I absolutely love the fact that the shelving systems can be built upon and added to if needed. We now have a unit that suits our needs, and if we wanted to we could take them apart.”

So if you and your family are in desperate need for more storage space and want to add on to your existing system, then be sure to check out our website, or give us call if you want some advice.



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