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Shelfstore Complements Traditional Toy Shop With Contemporary Design

Crocodile Toys is an independent toy shop specialising in classic toys with true play value. They were established in Cirencester for over 30 years and have a nationwide reputation for supplying traditional quality toys. They are a specialist independent toy shop which stocks a carefully selected choice of the latest and most traditional toys including Lego, John Crance, Manhatton Toy, Pintoy and Meccano etc.

Crocodile Toys has been a long-term customer of Shelfstore, choosing its bespoke shelving system to enhance the layout of its popular shop, year after year. Here Crocodile Toys owner Mark Mitchell explains why he chose Shelfstore…

What attracted you to Shelfstore?

We only sell the best toys in the industry – both classic ones and a vast range of Lego too, so it’s important how we present the shop. We need to keep everything easily viewable and shown in a way that feels comfortable to the customer. Shelfstore matches the quality of the products we sell and so it is a natural fit. Crocodile Toys has been going for 36 years, and we bought it six years ago when we decided to completely redesign the interior and that’s when we came across Shelfstore online. We were impressed by the product then and so we’ve used them ever since.

What do you like most about Shelfstore?

I’m a cabinet maker and designer by trade and I can recognise quality. I just didn’t have time to fit the shop myself, so chose Shelfstore as it looks and feels great. I love the wooden texture of the shelves and the system is highly adaptable. We can easily add layers to the space and reconfigure the design easily when required. We redesign the shop at least once a year and move and shift the existing system to match our requirements, with very little effort. It’s very flexible and we can change the shape and appearance of the complete space in little time.

How easy was it to order what you needed?

I have got to know the staff at Shelfstore over the years and now I can just phone up and tell them what I need and it’s delivered very quickly. I don’t need to use it now, but I can see how Shelfstore’s online Design Wizard tool, which lets you work out how much shelving you need in your space, can be very useful to the customer.

Would you recommend Shelfstore to anyone?

Yes definitely. We sometimes use the shelves as low play tables and have had customers asking where we got them as they want to be able to buy them for their own homes. We’re very happy with the natural wood finish, which looks authentic, ordered and inviting to our customers.

Take a look below at some of our favourite images in the shop…

croc 1

croc 2

croc 3

croc 6

croc 7

croc 9

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