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Guest Blog: 5 Kitchen and Shelving Combinations to Keep Everything Organised

At Benchmarx we provide the highest grade materials for your next joinery, kitchen fitting or general building project. Today we team up with Shelfstore to bring you 5 kitchen and shelving ranges to keep everything organised…

1. Rustic Cooking – Borrowdale Kitchen + Cookbooks Shelving

It’s commonly believed that most people use their phones to follow recipes in the kitchen and that the humble cookbook is dead. In fact, many people prefer to use a physical book…probably because it’s cheaper to replace a cookbook than an iPhone if it falls into the sinks or gets splattered with oil. That’s why we would recommend combining the Borrowdale kitchen range with Shelfstore’s bespoke library shelving system. Not only will this keep all your cookbooks in one place, it’ll add to the warm and homely style of the Borrowdale range.


2. Thoroughly Modern OrganisationSoho Kitchen + The Full Wall

Book lovers will adore this fusion of contemporary style and efficient storage. We suggest installing a full wall of shelving if you opt for the Soho Kitchen range. The smooth shelving adds a cultured and refined atmosphere to any kitchen – and it’s always good to show off your books to guests. Keeping at least one wall bare-bricked and fitting it with wall to wall shelving brings an urban vibe to your home – even if you live in the middle of the countryside.


3. Trendsetting Mini StorageEton Kitchen + Minimalist Shelves

Bigger doesn’t necessarily have to mean better. Although the Eton kitchen is suitable for almost any type of property – we think it looks especially dashing in a city apartment. The high gloss PVC is easy to clean (useful for busy professionals working in the city centre) and undeniably stylish. But storage is usually minimal in a flat, so you have to be clever. Luckily, Shelfstore are as bespoke as you can get – you can design anything from a small two-shelf set to a whole pantry-full of shelving The shelves can be used on the worktop or even in the cupboard for that little bit of extra organisation, structure and storage.

pantry kitchen

4. Designer LifestyleParma Kitchen + Hidden Storage

Featuring slab-style units and a high gloss finish, the Parma kitchen makes a beautiful statement in any home. It’s particularly more charming with additional storage. The Shelfstore shelving system can help keep your new designer kitchen in order. Forget a mountain of muddle up pots and pans in the cupboards – just install a small shelving unit to slip inside the cupboards and you can store everything neatly. Another way to save space in your apartment kitchen diner is to invest in a shelving unit with an attached table.


5. Big families, small messesOxford Kitchen + Family Shelving

With big families comes big mess…but not necessarily! We know the kitchen dining area is the hub of most homes – it’s where we eat most meals, where the children draw pictures and where parents have a chat with friends. So it’s important this much-used area of the house is kept in good shape. That’s why we absolutely love the Shelfstore wall shelving unit with various nooks and crannies for everything and anything.


Take a look at Benchmarx’s A-grade kitchens and joinery collections – we have everything you need to be a success.

Interested in creating bespoke shelving for your home or business? Explore Shelfstore today and use their design wizard to start building your dream storage solution.



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