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The Big Shoe Debate – How To Get Your Guests To Remove Their Shoes At The Front Door

Should your guests remove their shoes at the front door?

There’s no question about it – this is definitely an issue that people have strong opinions about.

Even though going shoeless is often comfier (and cleaner); it can be awkward to ask visitors to take off their footwear at the door. But if you’re someone who is really not happy with the idea of shoes on your new area rug, then you might need to resort to some extreme measures.

Therefore we thought we’d put together a few solutions specifically for those of you who prefer their guests to remove their shoes at the front door…

  • Show off your under the stairs storage

PR37108 shoe storage

  • Impress them with their own cubby hole

Collection of shoes on shelves

  • Or just ask nicely…

Remove your shoes sign

Just remember – it’s your house, your rules…

If you want to create the ideal storage solution to encourage your guests to take off their shoes, just take a look at this Shelfstore ‘how to guide’ via Your Home magazine – they won’t be able to resist placing their boots next to yours!



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