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5 Ways To Have A Productive Weekend This Spring

?????????????????????Weekends are precious, that’s for sure. And in between the running around doing the weekly shop, doing the cleaning or getting the children to and from football, ballet or some other activity – research shows that we feel happier going to work on a Monday morning knowing we did something productive over the weekend.  Now spring is here – and we have lighter mornings and fairer weather, let’s explore some practical ways to be productive on the weekend (and happier on a Monday!).

1.      Do Some Exercise

Start your weekend with a good walk, a run or perhaps a visit to the gym? It’s important to use up some energy to feel even more energised! If you don’t feel like going to the gym – spend 30 minutes doing something like yoga, pilates or even a low-impact workout DVD.

You can always double up exercise with socialising too – grab a friend to get out on a cycle ride with, or a run – or meet up at the gym.  Killing two birds with one stone.

2.      Start That DIY Project You’ve Been Planning To Do

During the winter, when we’re in hibernation mode – we tend to make lists of all the stuff we want to do in our homes once the spring comes.  Pull out your lists and make the weekend your DIY time.  From fixing the garden fence, to building that new storage unit – it’s time to start ticking things off that list.

3.      Bring Order To Your Home

Spring is the ideal time to tackle all those niggling chores. Clearing out winter wardrobes – storing stuff away ready for next winter – and spend just 30 minutes quickly tidying up an area of your home, whether it’s removing the clutter around your front door, reorganising your bookcase or tackling the cupboard under the stairs. Just think about how much easier life will be with these areas being neat, orderly and clutter free.

4.      Potter Around The Garden

There’s a reason why people enjoy gardening so much – you get to spend time in the sun, while enjoying fresh air. It’s relaxing, fulfilling and practical – making it an ideal activity for lazy Saturday afternoons, especially for those who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.

5.      Get Lost In A Book

It’s been a busy week – take some time to wind down. If you’ve spent the week looking over boring work-related documents – it’s time to ditch the dull reads and lose yourself in a gripping novel. Make it even better by enjoying this pleasurable pastime outside – sit back relax and enjoy the spring air.

Before you know it, the weather will cool down and those sunny days will be behind us. So make sure you take advantage of the warm weather now with these sunny afternoon activities.



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