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Guest Blog: Looking For A Strong And Supportive Partner This Christmas?

Shelfstore’s range of storage systems is really impressive – covering stylish and practical options for the home, garage, office and workplace. Part of their appeal, and key to Shelfstore’s success, is the sheer weight these shelves will take. Thanks to an innovative design that distributes weight more effectively, a 60x30cm shelf will happily hold up to 100kg.

So, considering it’s Christmas, what creative ways can you put these mighty miracle-shelves to the test?

What festive goodies weigh 100kg?

20 turkeys – there might not be room for 20 prepared turkeys on your shelf (or 20 live ones, for that matter), but if there was, a Shelfstore shelf would take the strain, no problem.

100 large Christmas puddings – assuming you like to bulk-buy and stock up for decades of Christmases…

One Santa – the average male weight is about 85kg, but we all know Santa is a portly chap…


500 pairs of slippers – you could have a Christmas slipper amnesty for everyone in your postcode, and do a boot sale in the New Year!

150 empty bottles – stack them on your Shelfstore shelf and release them into the recycling slowly – so you don’t look like an alcoholic.

All your lights, baubles, tinsel and cards – assuming you have the biggest tree in the neighbourhood, and you’re very, very popular.


A year’s supply of batteries – for all those toys, remotes, torches, and so on. But you’ll still run out by Boxing Day, right?

Grandma when she’s ‘tired’ – or when she’s had a year’s worth of sherry in one afternoon.

All your family’s presents – and if there’s more than 100kg’s worth, there are always more Shelfstore shelves.


Clearly, there are many creative ways to put Shelfstore shelves to the test. What will you do with yours?

Talking of creativity… at Liven Creative we really enjoyed helping Shelfstore to promote their excellent products and reach a wider audience. They’re great to work with, and we highly recommend their amazing weight-bearing shelves.

Liven Creative is an integrated creative agency based in Surrey, providing branding, printed communications and digital experiences for clients throughout the UK. Find out more at



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