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Kids Summer Reading – A Challenge Or Not?

The challenge for all parents over the summer holidays is always about how to entertain the kids. Of course they’re very happy to be left to their own devices…literally! But we are all well aware that it’s important to stimulate kids in other ways as well.

Reading is a great way to keep kids occupied and by reading we don’t just mean reading all their messages on whatever the latest app might be! We’re talking about picking up a book – whether that’s fiction or non-fiction – and sitting down and reading. Reading not only keeps children occupied, but it has quite a number of other benefits too. It can broaden kids’ vocabulary and grammar, it can improve their thinking skills as they learn how to exercise logic as well as think in abstract terms, it can teach them about relationships, new and unfamiliar situations and provide material for their imagination. Well that all sounds great, but the trick – as many of us know – is how to get them to read in the first place!

Lead by example

There is research that shows that the best way to get kids to read is to see you reading, so why not take a few moments out of your busy day and curl up on the sofa with your favourite book. You never know…you might just enjoy the experience!

Beautiful young woman reading a book on the sofa.

Not just books

If your child has not got to the point in their reading when they have a favourite author or genre, try something a little different. Graphic novels or comic books are very appealing to kids. With the illustrations and wonderful artwork to captivate them, they can provide a whole new world for them to enjoy!

Create a cosy corner

For those of you who are book lovers you will know that there’s nothing nicer than relaxing in a cosy corner so that you can spend time reading your latest book and you can do the same for your kids! You might want to scatter a few over-sized cushions in a corner of their bedroom, or build a small den to create a reading nook if there is space in their room or even under the stairs.

Girl reading a book on the floor

Visit your library

It may be rather obvious to suggest visiting your local library but you often find that they host fun events for kids – book readings, craft sessions or author visits – all of which might provide something to capture their interest. The Summer Reading Challenge is one such annual event, which provides great motivation for kids from 4 to 12 years of age to get reading over the summer holidays. They can sign up for free and earn rewards for reading six library books over the summer holidays. For older kids, they can create their own online profile and can review books and get recommendations from others. Shelfstore’s local library in Maidenhead has some great activities planned, so why not check out what’s going on at yours!

If you’re looking to find the perfect home for your child’s book collection or even your own – take a look at the Shelfstore website. Shelfstore’s flexible and multipurpose system of shelving is the perfect solution for storing books and can be easily designed to fit any space, no matter what the shape to suit your book collection needs.



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