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Where Are Your Favourite Places To Read?

For those of us, who love to read books, we probably read whenever and wherever we can, but given the choice we may prefer to read in a specific place – special to us. This might be for any number of reasons, so here at Shelfstore the team have put together a list of places, which we know are some people’s favourite places to read. Can you find your special place in our list?

In bed before going to sleep

Many us love to read in bed at the end of the day – and some we know like to have a snack and a drink to hand! The house is quiet and (hopefully) you won’t be disturbed while you relax in bed and cosy up with your book. It might even help you drift off to sleep more easily!

On the sofa in the lounge

You might be one of those that likes to read while snuggled up on the sofa. It may not matter when you read – mid-morning whilst having a coffee, or after lunch, or even in the evening after dinner – and it may not even matter if there are others around, but you can curl up in comfort.

Beautiful young woman reading a book on the sofa.

In a reading nook

You may have created your own designated space you go to when you want to read… your very own reading nook. It may be a comfortable chair, or a particular place where you can be surrounded by your books, but wherever your reading retreat is, it’s always a welcome place to go with a good book!

In the kitchen

There are those who like to read in the heart of the house… in the kitchen at the table, where there’s probably the best natural light available and maybe with a steaming cup of coffee too.

On the beach

Holidays always provide the perfect opportunity to chill and relax with a good book…especially when lying on the beach! We have the time to really immerse ourselves in the story without the distractions of everyday life. This experience can also have benefits, especially when reading literary, character-driven stories as it can make us open, more empathic people when we go back to work.

Frau am Strand mit Buch

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