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Back To School Tips To Make Your Life Easier

There always seems loads of time at the start of the school summer holidays to get things sorted for the start of the new term, but time ebbs away and before you know it you’re rushing around trying to make sure everything’s ready as well as trying to get the kids back into ‘school’ mode! We’ve all been there! So with that in mind the team here at Shelfstore has put together some hints and tips to help make the process as easy as possible for parents and children alike, so there is less stress and more time left to enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Book Appointments

We all know how difficult it is nowadays taking children out of school for any reason and trying to juggle your own commitments as well, so why not take advantage of the school holidays and book all the necessary appointments for when it suits you! Then their hair, teeth and eyes or whatever it happens to be – as well as yours of course – are all sorted for a while!


Sort Uniform

If you have children who are starting a new school this term, no doubt buying the new uniform has already been top of mind. However don’t forget that even those not changing schools may continue to grow over the summer and so still might need new uniform and sports kit. It’s best to check in advance because if you do need to make a purchase you may find the size you need is out of stock and you have to wait a while for delivery.

Clear Clutter

When at home with your children over the summer holidays, you may well have struggled to keep your home tidy and of course with the start of the new school term on the horizon there will be even more stuff to store away. Now is the time to get organised and to sort out your storage solutions to be able to clear the clutter away. And if you can get your children into the habit of helping you to tidy up – even better!

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Homework Space

Creating a quiet space where your child can sit comfortably to do their homework and not be too distracted is essential. It may be that the kitchen or dining room table works best, or you might already have an office area that they can use, or they might prefer to sit at a desk in their bedroom – whatever the choice be sure they have enough space to sit and work with access to anything they need. Being prepared before term starts will mean that they can get off to a flying start when they bring home their first assignment!

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Bed Time

One thing many of us don’t worry so much about when we are on holiday is going to bed ‘on time’, as we would normally do when working or when the kids are going to school. Our bodies get used to this different pattern of sleep and it can be hard to readjust if we don’t give ourselves time to do so. Take a few days therefore to go to bed earlier and get up earlier and get a good night’s sleep – you’re sure to feel the benefit – so when the time comes, you’ll all be set and raring to go on the kids’ first day back!

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