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Organise Your Pantry So That It Stays Organised

pantry 2Why is it that the pantry is always the last place of your home to get organised?

Pantry shelves are perfect for keeping extra crockery, glasses, utensils and cutlery out of the way, yet within easy reach when you decide to have a dinner party.

If you’ve got a pantry in your home, it’s important to have some sort of organisational theory in place to keep all your kitchen supplies in instant view. In order to make your life that little bit easier, we’ve rounded up a few things you could be doing to keep your pantry organised:

Clean and Declutter Your Pantry

First things first, if you’ve made that big decision to re-organise your entire pantry, then you might as well take everything off the shelves and give the whole area a good clean. Spend a day removing everything and going through it all – donate or toss any items that have expired, that are no longer needed, or that you simply haven’t used in the last 6 months. This will make finding the things you need most that much easier.

Be Practical

It’s important to be able to see every item in your pantry, this ensures you have access to those cans and jars that often go unnoticed at the back. You could use some shelf steps so that the items at the back of your shelves can still be seen.

When unpacking your grocers, it’s also best practice to move the older items to the front and place the newer items at the back – this way you ensure that nothing goes rotten while getting lost behind.

It’s All About The Shelving

To maximise your storage space, consider investing in a good shelving system, especially if your pantry doesn’t already have functional built in shelves. You might even benefit from a personalised shelving system – where you have yours custom built to suit your requirements. It’s also important to have shelving in place that can hold loads of weight so that you can proudly display that casserole dish and fancy tea set with ease, leaving you more cupboard space for everyday goods.

Tip: The bottom shelves in your pantry are the best places to store those bulky appliances that take up precious counter space – therefore the items that you use more often can be picked up quicker.

Be True To Your Style

Don’t let the fact that it’s only a pantry let you think you can’t make a stylish statement. Practical zones like this are invariably a little dull when it comes to decoration – but they don’t have to be. Just by introducing one unusual material can transform the whole feel of the room. Even the shelving can be a feature – paint your shelves and the wall behind in a shade that stands out from the rest of the kitchen to make a feature of your food store. Then voila – you pantry has made a stylish statement!

Now it’s time for the fun! Whether you’re looking to totally redesign this storage area of the home or if you’ve been simply searching for a way to organise it – we hope our tips come in handy and help get you started. Happy Organising!



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