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Five Things Only Book Lovers Can Relate To

So how many of you have heard of Book Lovers Day? Tuesday the 9th of August marks a day for those who love to read – encouraging all book lovers to kick back and relax with their favourite novel. Therefore there’s no better way to celebrate than to while the hours away lost in a good book.

To celebrate this day even more, the team at Shelfstore have put together a few images that we know all you book lovers will be able to relate to – here goes…

1. When you can’t find your book mark and need to improvise…

book 2

2. When you visit your friend’s house who is also a big book reader – causing you to suffer from some serious book envy…

book 3

3. When you literally have no space in your home but can’t help buying new books…

book 4

4.  When you want to finish a book you love – but at the same time really don’t want it to end…

book 5

5. When some asks you to pick what your favourite book is… you can’t be expected to only pick one!

book 1

So just how many of them could you relate to?! Tweet us your answers @Shelfstore.

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If you have any questions about the Shelfstore system then be sure to tweet us @Shelfstore or take a look at our website – where you’ll be able to create shelving and storage solutions around your ideas, in any size – to fit your space.



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