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Prepare Your Home For Guests This Christmas

IMG_9974qTis the season to celebrate – and if you’ve inviting guests over, remember that they are there to enjoy themselves – they’re not coming over to inspect your home. So rather than work yourself into a lather to make the house spotless – try to focus on getting as much done in advance.

With the holiday festivities just around the corner, it’s safe to say most households will be hosting friends and family for a visit. Help make your visitors feel welcome and cosy with our fab tips for hosting guests in style. From the thoughtful, to the practical, to the often forgotten – here’s how to make sure your Christmas stays merry with less stress and mess:

A Warm Welcome

The hallway is the best place for making sure your guests feel welcome – so be sure to vacuum or mop the floor in the entryway. Designate an area for coats by setting out a coatrack or by making space in a closet near the front door. Bathrooms are often another place to consider – remember to set out extra hand towels, soap, and toilet paper. If guests will be staying overnight, furnish bedrooms with clean sheets, towels, books, and a vase of fresh flowers.

Your home shouldn’t just appear warm; it should feel cosy as well – therefore if you have a fireplace, make sure it’s clean and safe to operate. Avoid night time chills by keeping extra blankets at the end of guests’ beds or in another obvious place.

Holiday Cleaning

If you look forward to decorating for Christmas every December, you probably anticipate pre-holiday cleaning with an equal amount of dread. Resolve to make this chore a little more cheery by playing holiday music – you’ll soon be able to work your way around the house wiping down all those dusty surfaces and getting the job done even quicker.

Try to vacuum everywhere (that includes under every piece of furniture) and make sure your cupboards are organised – you don’t want your guests to see dust bunnies or crammed closets.

Deck The Halls – Inside and Out

Don’t forget about that porch. Tidy up the area, sweep those leaves or shovel that snow and be sure to turn the lights on for your guests.  Spiff up the exterior by polishing the front door, checking the lighting and sweeping the walkways or steps that your guests will take. Give the lawn or plants care or, if you live in a cold climate, make sure the ice and snow are cleared.

Got Enough Storage Space?

Have you got a spot for your guests to put their suitcases that are easy access? Benches, chairs or a luggage rack will do the trick nicely. It’s also important to have some extra storage space for them to put all of their clothes – so make sure you clear out the wardrobes in the guest bedrooms. Having an entry shelf or something in the hallway will also be great for everyone to put all those last minute items people need when you leave this house. Perhaps invest in some sort of storage cabinet – not only will this be handy to house things of your guests, but when they’ve gone it will prove to be useful for you and your family.

Seating For All

Assure there is plenty of seating by bringing in extra stools and poufs. These also make for the perfect spot for guests to rest their drinks. When it comes to the Christmas dinner, an extendable table is often useful for those times you need to occasionally seat extra guest. And when it comes to planning extra chairs, try not to resort to uncomfortable collapsible chairs – after all you want your guests to feel comfortable in your home. Then when it comes to planning extra chairs, try not to resort to uncomfortable collapsible chairs. If you have a few formal chairs situated elsewhere in your home – then these will come in handy when playing hostess.

We hope these tips will help you to avoid any festive freak outs as well as helping to make the most of the Christmas season and coming out the other end smoothly with your family and friends. We’d love to hear about any other tips you have for making Christmas festive – be sure to tweet us any ideas you have at @shelfstore



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