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Decluttering Guide to Sell Your Home your home can be a tough time. You want to be able to sell it for the maximum price in the shortest amount of time, but this isn’t easy. Many things are out of your control when selling, such as market conditions, location and price bracket.

One vital thing to do in order to get buyers interested is to make your house look like the ideal home. This may seem obvious, but many struggle with knowing how exactly to do this. We have one word for it – declutter.

Why should I spend extra money when I’m going to move?

The moving process isn’t exactly cheap, however if you spend just a few hundred pounds on perfecting your house – you will increase its chances of selling. Think of the long term benefits: if your home doesn’t sell for months, you are already spending lots on your living expenses for that time, maintaining the house, and a possible reduction to the selling price.

Can decluttering really make a difference?

Most buyers want to upgrade to a house with more space as they feel that they have outgrown their current house. This is often those with young families who want more space for their children as they grow up. No one wants to come to your house to see a lack of space – it’s a huge turnoff.

Trying to make your house look like a showroom is ideal for potential buyers, as they want to aspire to have your lifestyle and imagine themselves living there. If they can see there is no clutter, then they are more likely to be positive about the house. Showing there is a good amount of storage space is also a huge bonus – if people come to view your home when it’s full of clutter then it’s difficult for them to imagine all their own stuff in the home. So be sure to make the most of your small spaces and keep it clutter free so that potential buyers are able to see themselves fitting into this house. Be on the lookout for good quality affordable storage that you can add to if you need to – having unobtrusive units will be ideal for making the most out of your space.

How can I actually declutter my home?

Begin by taking a photo of each room and really studying them. Photographs are likely to be the first thing that potential buyers will see, so make this first impression count. Making your house look less ‘lived in’ and more ‘show room’ is a great way to entice buyers. This gives them an aspirational lifestyle. Space sells – minimise your clutter.

A great way to do this is by investing in some simple storage units. Here at Shelfstore we have a huge selection which are ideal for any area of a room whatever the shape or size. By having units like these, you can store away any of your things that appear to be clutter, in a neat and organised way. It means you do not have to get rid of your clutter, but it makes your house seem much cleaner and less lived-in. Clutter can make your house look smaller than it is so if you put up some shelving, you can maximise floor space, which is something many buyers like to see.

Decluttering may seem like a long-winded and expensive task for when you already have the stress of moving. Just remember, it really will be worth it in the long run and help you to move house a lot quicker.

Best of luck with the move and be sure to let us know your experiences of reorganising your house by tweeting us at @Shelfstore

By Tony Fitz-Costa – Check me out on Google+.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.



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