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How To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Space

There are so many demands on the modern kitchen – therefore it is important to make sure it stays a space that is always kept clutter free and easy to use every day.

Having a clutter free kitchen may seem like an unreachable dream, but with a few nifty storage ideas – you’ll be there in no time!

Consider a pantry

Homeowners are now turning their old storage cupboards which once held cleaning objects into food dens just to get some more space in their kitchen. Your pantry is perfect for keeping extra crockery, glasses, utensils and cutlery out of the way, keeping the main cooking are free.

pantry shelves outside 1Bespoke shelving for those awkward spaces

Not everyone’s kitchen is square and perfectly shaped. If yours features a sloped ceiling or perhaps you have an awkward gap you would like to fill – do it! All you need is some customised storage to fit this space and its well worth taking the time to do so! Just be creative and remember you can use every inch of space if you need to.

22e4f24f-0385-4f40-b53a-c195f5dc0c8bMake sure your island table reaches its storage potential

If you’re lucky enough to have space in your kitchen for some island storage – then make sure you’re using it! And dont forget to use the sides of your island storage – these areas can often be used to create featured shelves for your favourite cookbooks.

Shiny luxury kitchen room with islandIf you haven’t got at least one of these in your kitchen then now is the time! Having at least one of these kitchen storage solutions is a start to bringing a little order from the chaos.



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