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Time To Arrange Your Shelves With Style

24 inch deepThe number one rule for arranging shelves is to arrange and re-arrange, then take a step back and arrange again until you are happy. Other than that there really are no rules.

However if you’re someone who prefers to have your shelves arranged in a particular way then we can help. It’s all about what is functional and what makes you happy aesthetically – whether you’re obsessed with colour co-coordinating, whether you need your books to be arranged by subject or alphabetical order etc. But if you’re looking for some more creative ideas, then you’ve come to the right place…

  • Looking to keep things simple?

To have your bookcase styled to perfection, resist the urge to pack in accessories on every shelf. Keep a clean look by choosing a one-colour or tone-on tone scheme and make sure to mix up shapes. Every so often step back to assess the overall balance of your arrangement until you like what you see.

  • Want to mix it up?

In order to add interest to your collection whatever it may be, try alternating the way you stack your items for instance – horizontally and vertically.

Don’t be afraid to mix styles and themes – you want personality! If you work with the same textures, you’ll get a flat dull looking interior. Change your objects too – everything doesn’t have to be on display all at one – put some things away and change them seasonally.

  • Tell your story

One of the most important things to remember when styling things like shelves or a bookcase is that you should tell your story and fill it with things you love.  This will make your shelves look well thought out. Themes to consider are colours, patterns and objects with the same genre.

For more tips and advice on storage solutions, stay tuned to our blog. Or if you have any other creative ideas of your own, then be sure to tweet us them at @shelfstore.



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