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4 Ways to get your Retail Business in the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is a time that brings out the child in all of us – where the air starts to cool, pumpkins start to appear in shop front shelves, and before you know it you’ve turned your front porch into a mad scientist’s lab! It’s that perfect time to get creative – as well as creepy!

Not only are more of us decorating our homes for Halloween , but many shops, bars, restaurants and other retail outlets get involved too!

So just how is your business going to get involved in Halloween this year?

Whether you want to kit out the inside of your shop or you just want to impress the neighbourhood with your haunted retail outlet – you can decorate on a budget this Halloween and still have one of the most impressive shop fronts in the town.

And that’s what we’re here to help you with – to set the bar high when it comes to scaring your neighbourhood with the best Halloween decor in town. From spooky lighting to giant pumpkins in your shop window – it’s a great opportunity to express your shop’s personality!

So here are our 4 tips to help your retail business stand out this Halloween:

  • Intriguing Shop Window

shop windowYour shop window is the portal to all of the things inside, so try and make it as engaging and seasonal as possible to lure your unsuspecting customers and intrigue those passers-by.

Try scattering a few tree branches on the floor along with a few pumpkins carved with ghoulish designs. Higher up on the window or on shelves you can add some spider webs along with some fake spiders – this will really create a spooky effect.

  • Ghost like Walkway

giant spiderHaving customers walk through an eerie walkway creates the spooky feel when they first enter the shop, but even before that you can create this feel when they first go to the door. Use a spooky doormat or even hang a black wreath so they know that you’re in the Halloween spirit.  Perhaps have a dressed up skeleton at the entrance welcoming them in!

The beauty of Halloween is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your decorations – simply carved pumpkins, to giant spiders created from black bin bags.

  • Effortlessly Eerie Room

ghostsIndoor decorations are great way to make the place feel more authentic. It really is the simplest things that count. Take an old bed sheet perhaps and drape it on any chairs within the shop to create a look of ruin.

Drape your bookshelves with spider webs or across any mirrors in your shop. Having things hanging also looks great, perhaps a ghost? All you need is to cut some holes in an old sheet and throw it over a beach ball or simple coat hanger, and then hang it from the ceiling – voila – ghosties galore!

  • Don’t forget the classic Pumpkin!

Halloween would not be the same without pumpkins (or the traditional turnip) – these are one of the most important and most memorable Halloween decorations which have been around for many years symbolising the need for protection. With carved faces and placed in windows Halloween pumpkins are supposed to ward off evil spirits.

You don’t have to overdo it, but think of clever ways to introduce more pumpkins into your decor which will make your shop floor boo-tiful. Perhaps line up a whole line of pumpkin personalities on shelves – or create scattered lanterns out mini squash or pumpkins.  Add features with black paper, then pop in a tea candle and watch them glow!

These are just a few of the simple yet effective tricks you can try to make your shop look enticing, fun (yet creepy) and ready for Halloween!

Don’t let your shop be the only one with no spirit – it’s not too late to get kitted up for the 31st. Just remember to be creative, spooky and make it fun.

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By Tony Fitz-Costa. Check me out on Google+



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