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Some of you may think you don’t need any more shelving in your home – and that all of your storage needs have been met. But let’s open your eyes a little wider.

Below we have put together a few ways a shelf (more specifically a Shelfstore shelf) can help you out whether it’s at home, your office, a shop – you name it!

shelf life

Can house your entire collections

If you have a good quality shelf made from strong wood like ours you’ll be able to create a system that is guaranteed to house your entire bookcase, DVD or even CD collection! Our wood is grown in northern Scandinavia, which produces a tight ring growth helping with the strength; we then engineer and finish the shelves which adds further strength. Not only this, but we also provide our own high quality metal supports – ensuring an unrivalled long term sturdiness.

Looks great in any room

Whatever room is in need of some new storage space – you can feel confident that a simple bookcase or shelving will fit right in. Not only does the quality of the Shelfstore wood look great but you can also make your shelving system unique with our universal cupboard door infill system – enabling you to make sure it fits in with the rest of your overall home décor.

Suited to your needs

It may be at one point you bought a shelving system and in recent years wished you had only had a bigger bookcase. Well fear not – the beauty about the Shelfstore system is that it’s modular – meaning that not only is it built to last you a lifetime, but you can build or add on to your existing system if ever needed. Therefore starting off with a small unit is no problem – you can just expand it as your requirements change.

For more reasons why we think a Shelfstore shelf can help you out, head on over to our blog.

If you know of any other reasons how a Shelfstore shelf has helped you out – be sure to tweet us your answers to @Shelfstore



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