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Bring Your Unused Space To Life With Innovative Storage

shelfstore mainCreating more space in your home when you can’t afford to move or extend is a case of either getting rid of anything you don’t need, or making better use of unused spaces. When you have things you just can’t bear to part with, then finding a smarter way of storing them is a good idea, and making use of those unused spaces makes sense. The problem with unused spaces is they are usually unused for a reason. It can take some imagination to be inspired to use it for storage, or for showing off your collectables.

Choosing the right colour for your storage area will help make it work for you. Consider the colour of your items and choose a contrasting colour so your items will stand out better. A light-coloured paint such as white or magnolia will make your space appear larger and brighter. Don’t shy away from gloss paint as it reflects light better – gloss isn’t just for wood.

There is often unused space above existing storage and shelves. While we sometimes don’t extend our storage all the way to the ceiling because our things then become harder to reach, in reality it just means the top of the cupboard becomes a dust collecting platform. Storage boxes and a step ladder will help you make use of that space, although if you have a bigger budget, building bespoke storage to fit your room dimensions is better as it enables you to make use of all the wall area from floor to ceiling, and means you don’t have a cupboard top to collect dust.

Turning an unused built-in cupboard into a storage area is very simple. Many homes have cupboards that were used to house an immersion heater or similar but are now empty. By panelings the inside and fitting shelves, it can be used to store books or toys, or a hanging rail can turn it into a small wardrobe. Think about what you need to store and make the new storage cupboard to suit. There’s no point in making a fancy storage area and then finding it’s not being suitable for your items. Design your storage around your needs, not vice versa!

So take a look at the little spaces in your home which you don’t use – with a bit of imagination, some well-planned shelving, paint, and the right lights, you can create a space which is both useful and attractive.

Guest blog by: “Stephen Bignell owns and runs Sera Technologies, suppliers of premium quality LED lighting and fittings. He works with many owners and designers to work out the best lighting options for their required applications.”



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