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How To Make Your Living Room Cosy This Winter

gemütliches Zimmer mit Kaminofen-cosiness 04As the nights draw in and the weather turns cold, there is nowhere in the house that can bring quite as much pleasure as a warm comfortable living room.

In order to create a cosy atmosphere in your living room you need to conjure up a sense of warmth and cosiness – the trick is to play to the senses.

We have gathered some design elements for you to use in order to create a more inviting space for the cold winter evening ahead – from furniture to colours, pattern to pictures…

Furniture Arrangements

There is nothing less cosy than a room that feels too formal. The best living rooms are defined by the activities you do in them – so start considering how you can make your living room personalised.

It’s important to first establish where the focal point is, you can then divide the room into sections – creating pockets with different functions to make that room feel cosier. Once you’ve decided on a space think about where to put the rest of your furniture. Aim for flowing lines with circular layouts – pull pieces of furniture forward around your focal point. You could even consider having a reading corner by a window with a small table and a couple of chairs to create a small private nook.

Warm Colours

If you want to create a cosy living room space then be sure to decorate it with rich colours and textures which will help soften the room and make it homely. Rooms with darker, warmer colours throughout the whole house will create this affect – by warm colours we mean golden, brown-red, orange-red, scarlet, deep red etc. Avoid the cool and bright colours such as pink, violet, blue, white and cream. Saying this thought it is brown that is best added into a scheme in the form of warm rich woods like Shelfstore.

Reflect On The Rooms Character

The best cosy spaces have a level of comfort, informality and warmth – in both a decorative and a literal sense. But a crackling fire and a comfortable sofa are only part of the story. The cosiest of sitting rooms must also have character, much of which is derived from the objects that fill the surfaces and cover the walls.

An abundance of empty wall space can also make a room feel cold – avoid this by giving your walls a lick of paint – consider dark warm colours. You could even fill up the wall space with some sort of storage that holds your favourite collections, or maybe hang some old antique paintings that you’d love to show off.

We hope our tips have helped give you a few ideas to make your warm and snuggly during the winter months ahead. There’s nothing like rushing indoors and being welcomed by a living room that enfolds you into its cocoon where you can relax and replenish.



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