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Your Questions – Answered! Can You Keeping Adding To The Shelfstore System?

We’re running a series of blogs based on questions that our customers have often asked us about the Shelfstore system.

Most of our Shelfstore questions and answers can be found on our FAQ’s page – where we’ve put together 60 of our more frequently asked questions.

However we thought we’d make it even easier for our customers by breaking down some of the more important questions into blogs.

Today’s question is ‘Can you add to your Shelfstore system?’

The answer is – yes you can! The beauty about the Shelfstore system is that it is one that you can keep adding to. So no matter what your storage requirements are now, they’re likely to change over time – and that brings with it – new storage requirements!  So instead of buying separate storage units like you would with any other system, Shelfstore is one you can keep on adding too and rearranging.

Not only can you keep adding extra bays to your shelving arrangement, but you can also add things like doors, drawers and lots more!

You may also want to vary your shelving display and the best way to do this is to rearrange your existing system to match your requirements. All you need to do is rearrange/re-adjust the shelves on your existing system.

The video below explains just how easy this is to do:

image 1

All of our shelves are adjustable every 5th centimetre, including the top and bottom unit. You can arrange your shelves to suit your requirements exactly.

And if you’re requirements change in years to come – you can alter your shelves. It may be that you need to meet new family demands or you’re going to need more storage space for all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years.

The video below shows a perfect example of how your storage needs may change…

image 2

We hope that this blog has answered any queries you may have had when it comes to making changes or adding to your existing Shelfstore system. If you have any other questions – then be sure to get in touch with us via our page or alternatively give us a call on 01628782642.



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