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Challenges Every Parent Has When Decorating Their Children’s Bedroom

It can be difficult to find the perfect decorating solution for your child’s room – from the build-up of toys, to having enough storage space and to making sure the room itself is safe for your child to play in – there is a lot to consider.

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If your child’s bedroom has started to build up with clutter, then it’s your job as a parent to recognise this and come up with a solution. Let’s take a look at 3 issues that more parents have when making these decisions:

Does Your Child Have More Stuff Than Storage?

Children’s rooms are notorious for lacking built in cupboard space, resulting in their rooms looking like a toy store exploded. So if you’ve stepped on a piece of Lego in the dark too many times – then maybe it’s time to find that perfect storage solution that grows as easily as your children do. From the day you bring your child home to the day they’re all grown up, you’ll need to have a storage solution in place to keep up with all the changes.

Open shelves are great for storing your kids’ books and toys as they are visible and easily accessible – which will stop your child from creating chaos by digging in cupboards or under beds for what they want. Wooden toy boxes can also come in handy – these can be stacked and customised with labels and stickers to help your kids find and put away their toys.

Concerned About Whether The Room Is Safe?

There are some steps you can take to ensure your child’s room is safe. First, check that any heavy furniture or appliances are not in a position to be pushed over. Wall attachments can be useful for this – with these you can be sure that bookcase is going nowhere!

Avoid hanging heavy pictures or mirrors in the room because if they fall off for any reason, it can cause an accident. Don’t forget to keep any loose wires or cords covered – we all know how much kids love the pull and yank things, so make sure you resit them the temptation.

Looking To Update Your Childs Room Easily?

This is a common concern for parents, because as your child grows up, you’ll find that their lives become busier, and with that comes more stuff. Not only this but your children’s interests and likes change quickly as they grow and it can become expensive to redo the room every few years. From new born baby essentials such as nappies and rattles, through to toddles and their toys, bookshelves for learning, boxes for toys and desk tops do their home – the requirements are endless!

Make sure that the furniture you buy at the start is of a good quality, that way you know that it is going to be of good quality and is going to last. It’s also important to buy a modular storage solution that gives you the flexibility to adjust, move around and expand your set up as required. Keep the room’s furniture and carpeting a neutral colour, and then you can change the themes and colours of the room easily by swapping duvet cover sets and floor mats etc.

We know how much decorating and room can be a source of frustration, especially for a children’s room – therefore we hope our advice will help solve some of the tricky challenges you and your child are likely to be faced with.

By Tony Fitz-Costa – Check me out on Google+.

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