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How To Make The Most Out Of Sloped Ceilings

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Sloped ceilings – like the kind you find in a loft spaces have a ton of character and have the ability to make cosy rooms like bedrooms and family rooms feel a lot more intimate.

You may think that slopped ceilings are difficult to work with, but don’t be baffled on how to decorate a room with these kind of walls. Think about how to make the most of every inch of space – with a bit of planning and arranging, you can make the most of those awkward angles.

Still stuck in a rut with low angled space in your home?

Here are a few tricks and pointers to help you beat those odd angles with elegance – whether it’s in a bedroom, living room, kitchen or work space – a sloped ceiling can be made into a positive feature with the right paint, shelves, furniture and arrangement…

New Design Ideas

Decorating a room with slopped ceilings can be as much fun (if not more) as planning for a home with a plain old ceiling – the difference is in the way you treat the ceiling and how you use this space to the room’s advantage. One of the first things you need to do is accept the overall ambiance that the room already has, then you can think about how to accentuate it with design. The idea is to play off the already existing proportion instead of trying too hard to introduce a different style that is alien to the room.

If you have a small room with low, slanted ceilings – going low with décor makes complete sense. But for a giant loft with a slanted roof and a double-height ceiling, using decor that is a touch taller than usual is a trendy and smart choice.

Work With Walls

Make the most of the wall space where you can; try using sculptures or pieces of art to draw the eye to the parts of the room you want to accentuate. You should also consider storage – if you think creatively when you plan the storage, you really can make the most of this dead space.

Make use of the eaves for low level shelves, low level bookcases or cupboards – then with the rest of this space – move upwards with bookshelves that almost reach the ceiling. This will help you reach your full storage potential!

Cosy Nooks and Clever Storage Spaces

Although slanted ceiling can leave you scratching your head as you try to come up with design that makes the most of your space – once you do have an idea, slanted ceilings can be charming.

Compensate for the lack of wall mounted storage by filling the room with smart bookshelves and cool storage units. Think about using fitted pieces that will work in the space for maximum effect – this cuts down on the steep angle of the slanted walls and makes the room far more appealing.

Slanted ceiling will often create a snug reading a relaxing nook – which never fails to impress. Whether it’s a window nook or a corner in the room – use this space – make it cosy with cushions and warm interiors that will make you want to relax and surround yourself in.

Be Clever With Colour

When it comes to the colour scheme – it’s best to stick to simple and neutral colours that aren’t too harsh on the eye. This is due to the fact that you want to make the room feel as spacious as possible and those slanted ceilings will do the opposite – so make sure you keep it light and airy with lots of windows and use neutral colours in your décor.

You may also consider a two tone colour scheme with a painted ceiling – this will look pretty neat in a smaller room – may even help to make the room look bigger.

So don’t let that sloped ceiling put you off making the most of your room – get creative with it. Remember, it’s not about working around the sloped ceiling challenge, it’s about embracing it.



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