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Bring Summer Into Your Home

Summer is the perfect opportunity to release and refresh. As the temperature rises we suddenly get that inescapable feeling to declutter and make life fresh.

girl enjoys sunny morning

However as we all know it, summer isn’t always a huge hit here in the UK – we’re lucky to have a solid week of glorious sunshine. But this doesn’t mean that we still can’t embrace it in our homes. Create a lifting atmosphere in your home with some of these summery touches…

Purge, purge, purge

Living with less means you’ll be able to find things more quickly and your home will be a whole lot easier to clean. Try to be ruthless and get rid of things you no longer need in order to create your space in your home – having the free space will energise you. Remember to pay particular attention to those busier spaces – places like the hallway, wardrobes, the kids’ playrooms and any other big storage spaces.

Accessorise for summer

Aside from the small alterations you can make to your home’s current style, there are also so many ways in which you can add a touch of summer to your interiors. Consider changing items like cushions, throws, table clothes etc. The beauty about changing these in summer is that you can go as bright or as bold as you like.

Let as much light in as possible

One of the most obvious things we think about in summer is the sunshine. With brighter mornings and longer evenings, it becomes more and more important to us to make the most of the lighter days. To make the most of this, try and let as much natural light filter through in every room in your home – not only will this help lift the atmosphere in your home but you’re also introducing Vitamin D into your home – bonus!

Hope you all have a fantastic summer!

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