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4 Compelling Reasons Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Decorate Your Home

When it comes to our homes, sometimes it’s best to throw out the old and roll on the new. Whether you’re a self-confessed interior lover or you run in the other direction when it comes to de-cluttering decorating is important. Hopefully the reasons outlined in this blog will be enough for you to justify a bit of a home revamp this spring.

  1. Organisation

At some point we all need a bit of de-cluttering in our lives. Whether it’s throwing away that rocky old desk and getting a brand new one or getting rid of that collection of magazines you’ve been reluctant to throw away for years, having an organised home can be key to living an organised life. Try working out what the ‘essentials’ are in your home and get rid of any unnecessary clutter. By purchasing a new book case you can rid any clutter from flooring or window shelves and make way for a brighter, more organised home!

2.   Decor

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘surround yourself with positivity and in turn you will lead a positive life’. This is also true with your home. If you’re living in a home which has peeling wallpaper and dingy lampshades you may be starting to feel quite fed up and run down – it’s not surprising. Sometimes simply moving the location of your sofa or investing in a beautiful new lampshade can give you a reason to smile when you get home from work.

3.   Goals

Let’s face it – we all need goals to work towards. You may not be able to afford that dream oak dining table just yet- but there’s no reason you shouldn’t start working towards it. You could start by buying some place mats and cutlery which you can see working perfectly on your new table. You may not be buying the actual table just yet, but by giving yourself something to work towards can be motivating. Make a list – or get involved on Pinterest and start building your mood board.

4.   Continuous Improvement

You may or may not have heard of the Japanese term ‘Kaizen’ I hadn’t until recently – but to get down to the meaning it stands for ‘continuous improvement’. This is a great business philosophy we try and stick to here at Shelfstore. There can always be continuous improvement in anything. This is why athletes continue to set themselves new goals- even after winning gold medals. It may have only been a couple of years since you decorated your bedroom, but it may well be time to give it a new lick of paint. You could lighten up your room for this spring in readiness for a glorious summer by choosing a neutral colour, allowing light to reflect off of the walls and brighten up your day.

So there we have it- 4 perfectly good reasons to justify decorating and updating your home- I suggest you pick up your paintbrush and get started!

By Tony Fitz-Costa – Check me out on Google+.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.



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