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5 Ways To Improve Your Living Room Space

living room spaceNot everyone is lucky enough to have a gigantic living room; most of us make do with a modest size living room that has been decorated and arranged to look significantly larger than it actually is. However, having a small living room does have its perks; it can be cosy as well as practical. However if it is a larger living room that you’re looking for, we have a number of décor tricks that you can use to make your living space look larger.

Throw away clutter

There is nothing that makes a living room look smaller than clutter! But as well as making your room look less spacious, it can also make you feel cramped. If you don’t use something, get rid of it. If you have items that you don’t use, and you are hesitant about throwing them out, try and figure out ways to hide them out of view. When everything has been neatly organised, your living room will feel a lot more orderly and open.

Choose a light colour scheme

Choosing the right colour scheme is paramount if you want your living room to look spacious. If you look at living rooms that have been designed by leading interior designers, you will notice that the majority of them use light colour schemes, this is no coincidence. Painting your walls in dark colours will play tricks on people’s eyes and make your room look smaller than it actually is. Choosing a light colour scheme doesn’t mean that you have to settle for shades of white or cream, try ivory grey, sky blue, or lemon yellow.

Use a focal point to draw attention away from the size of your room

An attractive focal point will divert people’s attention away from the size of your living room and encourage them to focus more on its style and appearance. Consider creating an interesting focal point with a large wall mirror, this will reflect light and help to make your living room look larger. Another interesting focal point could be a large piece of wall art, not only will this be a conversation starter, but it will also divert attention to its beauty rather than your room’s size.

Let in plenty of natural light

Natural light will expand your living room barriers quite significantly, so rather than preventing natural light from flooding in, uncover your uncover your windows and replace your heavy drapes with a lighter alternative. Opt for curtains that are made using sheer fabric or pull curtains back to the sides of your windows to allow for more light to enter.

Avoid stuffing your living room with furniture

Rather than stuffing your living room with large furniture pieces, opt for a sleeker and more streamline design. A more streamline approach doesn’t mean that you have to line all of your furniture up against the wall. Instead, place a sofa at an angle or in the middle of the room so it acts as a focal point. Make sure that there is space around all of your furniture so that you can see the flooring and avoid the use of floor lamps with big bases.

This article was written by David at Thomas Lloyd Leather Furniture, an award winning Furniture Company that specialise in Chesterfield sofas.



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