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Time To Organise Your Bathroom?

Is your bathroom jam-packed full of half-used bottles of shower gel, or unused gift sets you were given as a gift years ago? If so, then it’s time to declutter.

Firstly things first – make a list of all the items you use regularly – you should know these off the top of your head, meaning that any extra bits you have in your bathroom are probably unnecessary. Understandably, there will be certain things that you don’t use as often that you can still add to your like – don’t fret and think everything has to go!

Next, throw out all the bits that are empty, half-empty and not been used in ages, or simply items that realistically you’ll never use. They are just toiletries, don’t let the number of items build up in your bathroom and give you the name – hoarder!

A good way to have everything organised in a family bathroom is to put up small shelves for each member of the house. By doing this, you can keep all your own things in your own space and know what’s yours and what’s not. A fun idea could be to do different coloured shelving so children can have a shelf in their favourite colour – this may also encourage them to keep the bathroom tidy as they’ll want their own shelf to look nice too. However if this isn’t your style then you could always go for the shelving that matches with your décor.

bathroom 1

There’s also those toiletries that everyone seems to end up with but aren’t always meant to be kept in the bathroom whether its magazines, books etc. If you’re desperate to keep those items in the home, just be sure to keep them somewhere so that they’re out of the way so that no one is tempted to leave them lying on the floor. Get a little basket and pop it on one of your shelves, or in a bathroom cupboard to keep them all together neatly.

A final way to keep your bathroom looking nice and organised is to fold or roll up clean towels and put on a shelf. This keeps them out of the way and looks rather posh for when you have guests to stay as shown below.

bathroom 2

If you found our bathroom tips useful then be sure to let us know or if you have any other tips, we’d love to hear them. Simply tweet us at @shelfstore

By Tony Fitz-Costa – Check me out on Google+.

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