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Does Your Media Collection Need A Tidy Up?

If, like a few of us here at Shelfstore, you are a lover of music and films and much prefer to have hard copies rather than store everything online, you have probably amassed quite a collection of CDs and DVDs over the years and may well be finding it a challenge to store everything effectively!

We all know that CDs can end up all over the house as well as in the car, and the same is true for DVDs too to a certain extent. The problem with this is that if left lying around they can easily get damaged or lost and can end up making a mess. If you feel the time has now come to declutter and tidy up your media collection, the team at Shelfstore has put together some suggestions to help you, which we hope you’ll find useful.

Sort out those to keep

A good starting point is to collect all your CDs and DVDs together so that you can see exactly how many you have. There will be a few surprises no doubt as you discover music and films you had long forgotten about, but this may indicate that actually you no longer want to keep that particular music CD or film. Have a look through all your media collection and either sell, donate to charity or throw away anything that you no longer want.


Sort out storage

Now you have a better idea of the number of CDs and DVDs you have, you can now set about finding a storage solution, which will keep everything you currently have tidy and easily accessible as well as allowing some space for you to add to your collection. You need to consider whereabouts in your home you want to store everything – in the lounge, bedroom, den or playroom – so that you can then work out the size and shape of the space available to create your storage.

White Shelves

At Shelfstore you are able to create a storage solution to meet your specific needs and available space using our design wizard. You can work through the steps to create a tailor-made solution which is then delivered straight to you. You also have the advantage of being able to add more shelves at a later date to accommodate your media collection as it continues to grow.

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas on how you can create different looks and storage solutions using Shelfstore’s flexible and multipurpose system of shelving, why not take a look at our blog – you’ll find plenty of topics of interest.

We would love to hear from you if you are planning to use any Shelfstore products and so please tweet us @Shelfstore and we would be happy to offer any practical advice you may need.

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