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Working From Home – What You Need To Look Out For When House Hunting

Man in robe working from homeFaced with the alternative of traffic jams, tedious bus journeys and long train journeys, working from home seems a no-brainer and there are more and more people starting to do it.

In the first quarter of 2014, a report found that 14% of the entire workforce worked from their home!

This got us wondering what effect this is having on the property market…

If your workplace is also your living space, then your location requirements inevitably change. Rather than needing a property that is convenient for the daily commute, or on a great public transport route to “the office”, instead you’ll be able to focus on a location that you like.

As a long-term solution, working from a laptop at your kitchen table just won’t cut it. When looking for a new property you need to consider a number of things including having a separate room that can be your designated office. And depending what you do for a living you’ll need a space large enough for a desk, shelving, filling, storage and a good internet connection.

To help you find somewhere to suit your home office needs, we thought we’d give you a few ideas on the things to look for when taking a tour around your potential new house:

  • Is There A Separate Room You Can Use?

You might want to look for a property that has one more bedroom than the number you would normally use for sleeping in, or a house with a larger garage that you could use to convert into an office. Many home owners are also installing offices in their gardens too, so keep an eye on the size of the garden in the property your interested in.

  • Can You Carve Out A Comfortable Place To Work?

If there wasn’t a separate room you could use, but you’ve found the house you love, then you need to try to imagine a spot in the house that you can see yourself actually being productive in. If every room already feels like it has a purpose – then you need to consider whether or not there’s room for you to get creative. Don’t overlook the nooks and crannies of the house – a tiny space of wall or an unused corner may be enough for a shelf that can hold a laptop with a chair in front of it.

  • Is There Somewhere That Gives Your Workspace Boundaries?

Once you’ve decided on a place in the house that works for you, next you’ll need to make sure this space has some enforceable boundaries. Other people in your home—like your spouse or children—need to be able to understand when they’re intruding your space. If you’ve got a room for this space that that’s perfect – if not then maybe create a working/not working sign so that they’re aware.

  • Is There Enough Space In The House For You To Block Out The Rest Of The World?

Offices are full of distractions, but working from home isn’t any better – whether it’s someone stopping by, the sounds of your neighbour outside, or the snacks in the kitchen that are calling your name – they will all tug at your attention space. But if you’re planning to be productive at home, then you need to picture a space that you can block out all the things that will be happening around you.

So start thinking ahead, prepare for distractions, and carve out a comfortable, well-defended place for you to settle in and be productive, and you’ll manage to get things done.



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