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Dreaming Of The Perfect Play Heaven For Your Children?

Well dream no more! We can give you a few ideas that will not only turn your kids’ rooms into a ‘fun zone’, but will be a place that is kept well organised too!

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One thing you’ll always be aware of as a parent is that when you have kids, your house is never the same and somehow it can turn into what looks like a toy store exploded!

Toy storage can be a crazy chaotic conundrum – do you often find yourself walking into your kids’ rooms, picking everything up and put it away to only find its back on the floor 20 minutes later?

Sounds like it’s about time you help organise their rooms so that they can keep it neat and tidy all on their own.  Sorting and making sure you have the right storage in place is key.

In every room there is hidden space that we tend not to realise or even consider! However it’s that hidden space in your kid’s room that is the answer to a successful and organised play heaven.

Luckily for you, there are a mixture of storage options that can help you avoid having toys constantly underfoot throughout your home.

First things first, have you considered making the most of your wall space? Play rooms don’t have to be all play and no work – many musts haves for a play room include an area for reading, learning and being creative. So in order to tuck away the massive load of books and make them super accessible for the rare occasions your kids are looking for some eye candy – get a bookcase!

Just think about it, upper walls have just as much square footage as your floor space. And by making the most of your shelves on the bookcase, you’ll maximise the amount of floor space you have. You can make room on the shelves for toys themselves, books and if your kids have a lot of small pieces that are a hassle to put away – then consider getting some small toy boxes that can also be stored on there. Just remember to keep them on the lower shelves for those little hands to reach.

Another must have for your children’s play heaven is a good workspace. This is a great way to help the kiddos learn through creative art or educational play. We often think of desks as a place for the kids to get their homework done – but why not make it a fun area too! You want a desk that is suitable for your kids to get crafty in, one that is durable and perfectly sized, and looks great in the room too! A desk equipped with shelving will also come in handy for displaying collectables and books as well as drawers for those extra school supplies.

Once you’ve got the right storage in place, try to institute a few rules in order to keep the ‘toy clutter’ down…

  • Consider the one in and one out rule! Determine what items your kids have and be sure to think long and hard before you buy another toy. You will have already assigned yourself a limited space for everything therefore if you’re bringing a new toy in, then another will have to go. That is if you want to carry on keeping the clutter under control…
  • Keep an eye out for what your children are still playing with and what they have grown out of. If their collection of Lego’s is sitting there untouched then why not box it up as well as the other toys that are no longer age appropriate for them. You can save a chosen few of their favourites for keepsakes and donate the rest.

So there you have it – tons of super easy and simple ways to create the ultimate play zone! And it can be done on any budget with a little creative energy too.



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