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Using Pinterest For Interior Design Inspiration

We recently came across and interesting article in the telegraph which spoke about the importance of Pinterest and how more and more of us are using it for interior design inspiration.

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But what is Pinterest first you might ask…

Pinterest is a web and mobile application company that offers a visual discovery, collection, sharing, and storage tool. It is a way of creating and sharing visual bookmarks, or pins in collections called boards – these are created through a user selecting an item, page, website etc. and pinning it to an existing board which is a collection of photos in one folder.

Pinterest is known as a photo driven social media platform of visually stunning wish lists where people share pins that they think other might like. This lifestyle app has made it easier than ever to find interior design inspiration – with 49% of Pinterest users say they use it instead of browsing catalogues.

How Are People Using Pinterest When It Comes To Interior Design?

When buying a brand new home – it often needs to be totally done up and this can sometimes be a exciting experience – but where to start?

The article goes on to say that there is only one place for people to go and that is Pinterest.

Pinterest is able to help you work out what kind of tiles to get in the kitchen, what kind of storage unit would suit your under the stair space etc.

Five years ago, if you wanted interiors inspiration, you bought a pile of magazines and went through them, tearing out pictures of things you liked. Over time, you built up a messy box file of scraps of paper – or, if you were lazy, piles of magazines, gathering dust in the loft.

The advent of Pinterest, founded in 2010, has changed all that. A virtual pin board, the site allows users to create mood boards on to which they can “pin” anything, from other images on the site to things they’ve found on the web to photographs that they’ve taken and uploaded.

Pinterest now has more than 70 million users, and usage in Britain grew by more than 130 per cent just in the last year!

When it comes to interiors, there is plenty of inspiration out there: more than five million home décor pins are pinned to the site every day.

So if you’re an interior design company, furniture company, into renovating and home décor, then it’s now more important than ever for your business to be on Pinterest! That’s why we made sure that Pinterest was one of the first social media platforms we started on along with Facebook and Twitter.

To leave you with a bit of pinspiration, we thought we’d give you the names of some of our favourite interior design pinners…

Your Home Magazine – Pinterest Page

Your Home Magazine brings you the latest in interior trends, home improvement, affordable buys, craft projects, garden know-how and delicious recipes.

Organise My House – Pinterest Page

Loads of inspiration, tips & advice to simplify your life. Their Pinterest page is packed full of inspiration and ideas to help you get any part of your home or life more organised.

Real Homes – Pinterest Page

Homebuilding & Renovating – inspiration & advice for your building project. Their Pinterest page features great value shopping guides, decorating trends to inspire and the best reader home renovation and extension projects. – Pinterest Page is an interior design and architecture web magazine that will deliver cool new places & products to inspire you.

House to Home – Pinterest Page

Housetohome is the one-stop-shop for all homes junkies – from the latest interior trends to the best decorating ideas and products.

Don’t’ forget to also take a look at our own Pinterest page!



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