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The Beauty Of The Simple Shelf

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he simple act of putting up a shelf has been the stick with which men have been beaten by their wives/partners for decades and despite its legendary ‘comedy club’ connotation, a man’s ability to put up a shelf properly has been the measure of his true manliness and usefulness.

Whether or not a) he ever gets around to putting it up in the first place, b) whether he puts it up straight and true, or c) whether or not it stays up and doesn’t collapse under the weight of books, toiletries or ornaments is an illustration of how this gender-based skill has often been a relationship deal-breaker.

Thank goodness that today men (and women) no longer need a drill and a set of raw-plugs to prove their worth. Thanks to Shelfstore he or she can easily design a custom-fit shelving and storage system to suit any circumstance and fill even the trickiest of spaces.

The beauty of a good shelving system is that you don’t actually have to drill it into the wall and as any man who has drilled a hole slightly too high or fractionally too low will testify, the act of making good botched handyman jobs is soul destroying.

Now you just design the best tailor-made solutions for bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, lounges and studies, to suit your personal taste. There is something to fit every lifestyle, storage and display need.

The fact is, whether you are talking about a floor to ceiling bookcase to show off the literary or musical history of your life – where every book and CD tells a story and reminds you of a certain precious moment – or functional storage for the garage or workroom, you can never have enough shelving.

A one-off specialist corner for a TV and all the sundry kid’s play-stations, X-boxes, Wii and peripherals mean that they are not just splattered across the living room floor in a mass of wiring, that you – invariably – are tasked to tidy up.

A simple neat and tidy desk area can be added to as and when your study, home office or business grows and expands, avoiding all the nonsense of files, books, paperwork and computer CD’s cluttering up your thought process.

It really is true what they say – a tidy place means a tidy mind.

By Tony Fitz-Costa. Check me out on Google+

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.



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