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Not only can your collectables make good investments, but they make a fun and satisfying hobby. Some collections can also be incredibly rewarding with some impressive returns that often gain value in the future.

A recent article in the Northampton Chronicle found that more than £7000 worth of collectable items is stored in the average home. One survey also found that the appetite for collectors’ items is at an all-time high, with 7 out of 10 people classing themselves as a collector.

So what is it that you’ve chosen to display so proudly on your shelves? We’ve done some research and have found these three most popular collectables in the U.K…

Model airplanes

Anyone can be a collector – discovering your passion is the start of any collection, so if you are fascinated by airplanes then becoming a model airplane collector is for you. The variety of model aircraft types that have been collected over the years ranging from stamped, metal, wood and plastic models.

Set of RC plane

Vintage toys and games

Collecting toys is a great way to reconnect with your childhood in an adult world! Depending on your tastes, old board games and puzzles can be a great investment. However, more recent items too can prove to be worth more than you think. But one of the most popular categories of vintage toys are the ones that move, and they don’t have to be complicated in design  or made of expensive materials.

Jouet, voiture, miniature, jeu, plastique, rtro, vintage

Coin collecting

There are many collectors who have taken up this particular collection after inheriting a collection and it is certainly a hobby that unites the generations in a shared fascination with the past. Whatever type or period of coinage you choose to follow, coin collecting combines the thrill of the chase with a thirst for digging deep into history – and have some long term rewards.

Old coins of Europe

Another interesting fact was that collectors have varying levels of success with the opposite sex. While 15% admit displaying their collections to impress, the bookshelf and a collection of books is seen as ten times more desirable than those that collect teddies, games and figurines – something to keep in in mind if you’re planning to start a collection!

If anyone has any other unique collectable ideas then be sure to tweet us at @Shelfstore – we want to hear them all!



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