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Make Your Utility Room The Envy Of The Neighbourhood

Talk of luxuries within a household and elements such as a Jacuzzi, pool or hot tub may come to mind.

But forget all that – a really practical and much sought after space that will turn your neighbours green with envy is a high practical and well-constructed utility room.

utility room

What! We hear you exclaim. But… yes, really – houses with utility rooms really are more sought after, and according to celebratory property consultant, Phil Spencer – (and his book, How to Add Value to Your Home) adding a utility room to your home, really does add value.

It you are going to invest in creating a utility room, it makes sense that you design your utility room so that it is as functional as possible. So, here are a few things for you to consider:

  • Organisation

As it’s a room designed to be highly functional – be sure to keep it that way.  Don’t let it become a dumping ground. Store only the essentials for the jobs you’re doing in your utility room! Be a purist when it comes to your utility room – you want your utility room to be functional and useful.

  • Storage  

Storage is a great way to make the best use of available space in your utility room. Think about the storage of tall items such as ironing boards and perhaps rails to hang up shirts.  Consider shelves to house products or handy baskets – and clever ways to surround your necessary utilities such as washing machines and tumble dryers – which still allows easy access should you need to get the repair man in.

  • Wall space

Keep utility rooms free of worktop clutter by wall mounting practical items or using shelves to make the most of your available wall space. For example – with the correct fixtures, an ironing board could easily hang off a wall! As could an iron.

  • Organisation is key

As outlined above – when organising your space, clever use of storage and well organised essentials ensure a highly practical multifunctional utility room where everything is conveniently placed within easy reach.

And even though the space is primarily a practical space, it doesn’t mean it needs to be dull. We can help you inject personality into your utility room with some simple storage and shelving solutions.

It’s time to get busy this summer – and think about how you could overhaul your utility space to make the most of it – or creating a whole new area in your home.

Happy utility room planning…



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