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Design Your Dream Office With Shelfstore

Have you come to a point where you have decided to downsize? Is your furniture just too big and bulky for your new cosy home?

Not all of us are lucky enough to have the space in our home to create a home office. Cluttering a room with a heavy desk, drawers and storage boxes will just make it difficult to move around and focus your mind on the tasks you face. Therefore in smaller office’s it’s important to maximise your space.

With the versatile Shelfstore system we can help to provide practical and pleasing solutions…

  • What we offer

To help you maximise space for your home office, we offer systematic office shelving systems to suit your home. We offer desks in many sizes, slide away keyboard shelves, hanging files, cupboards, shelves, drawers and folding tables. These are all brought together in an arrangement to fit both your needs and space.

  • Strength

Designed with quality, strong wood, our office storage solutions have a solid finish, each shelf will hold over 100kg, making them perfect for home office storage, equipment and technology. Each shelf is built to hold a variety of items, from desktop computers and printers, to books, files and CDs. Slide-away shelves will keep your keyboard and mouse hidden away and tidy, whilst practical cupboards and drawers help you stay organised.

  • Versatile

All systems can be easily taken apart and rearranged, which is great for when you move homes or just want a new design to suit any extra items you accumulate. With our versatile shelving system, it means you can create your very own piece of furniture adding drawers, cupboards, sliding keyboard desks and filing cabinets to organise your goods. Unlike other solutions which are difficult and time consuming to put together, our single systems can be assembled in just 10 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to assemble your personal office shelving where you can easily re-arrange the design to suit your home and goods. The examples shown below give you an idea of just some of the systems that we offer – designed to suit a variety of different spaces…

office 1234 office 123


For more information about our home office shelving – contact our expert friendly team today.



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