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Don’t Let Your Family Outgrow Your Home – 3 Ways To Cope

Your home may once have been a place just for you and your partner, but as time goes on things can quickly change – and as your family grows, your home may become slightly uncomfortable.

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Whether you’ve got a new baby on the way, the kids are getting bigger or you’ve got the grandparents asking to move in – the most important thing is space. You don’t want to end up all living on top of each other.

In order stop your family outgrowing your home, we’ve put together a few ideas on how you can make the most of your space.


Rearranging is the simplest and least costly thing to consider first. If storage and space is a problem but you love your home, then try rearranging what you have and the way you live to better suit the space. Work out what your requirements are and then think about how you can the space work to those needs.

Add more storage

If rearranging your home and getting rid of things you no longer need haven’t made much of a difference – then consider investing a made to measure storage system. Not only are these great for organising all your belongings but they are great for making the most of your existing space.  That’s the great thing about the Shelfstore system – you can design your very own storage system to suit both your needs and your home.


If neither of those seem to work, then it might be that you need to consider a small home renovation – not only will this add more space but it will add value to your home too. Just be sure to think about which type of renovation you need in order to solve you space problems. Do you need more storage, a bigger kitchen, living space etc.

Depending on your plans on how big your family grows, it might be that you end up renovating or moving in the long term. But you’ve got a few short term solutions if you’re looking for a quick fix for your growing family.



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