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Make A Feature Of Your Shelving

Shelving is often the last thing you think about when you’re planning to redecorate a room. Style and colour tend to be those elements that we consider first, and then the main items of furniture. This can then result in a lack of storage in the final design and no shelving space for books, DVDs, CDs, ornaments and other treasured possessions. By making sure all your requirements are given due consideration before you start, shelving can not only be a practical solution to your storage needs, but also a focal feature in your home.

Maximise your space

There is always a way to make the most of the space you have to create some extra storage with shelving. It might mean using the space you have under your stairs, or creating a floor to ceiling storage unit, which could also be a media unit.

Create a screen

If you need to partition certain areas within a room, you might want to consider using a two-way shelving unit with access from both sides as a screen rather than building a solid wall. As the shelving unit is open, light can still filter through to the different areas of the room and yet can offer various storage options.

Be bold

Allocating a whole wall to a shelving unit may well be a bold move but could be the perfect answer to your storage needs, especially if you are a book lover and want your very own home library! You could even group the books by colour to create a truly eye-catching feature!

Make it into art

Instead of displaying books, why not use the shelving unit to display pictures, paintings or artwork instead of hanging them all on the wall. You could also style yours shelves in other ways with decorative ornaments of coordinating and contrasting colours.

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