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How To Start Your Own Book Club

If you’re a book lover and love reading and would like to share your thoughts and feelings about the latest book you’ve read with like-minded people, then you’ve probably considered joining a book club. However, if there isn’t one in your area, then you could of course think about starting your own. Here at Shelfstore, the team has put together a guide to help you do just that!

1. Decide who you want to invite to your book club

If you know that amongst your friends there are those who love books as much as you, then start to ask around and find out if any would like to join your club. Let them know that you are happy for them to spread the word and friends of friends might be interested too. Ideally you will need at least 8 people to have a good discussion, but you may want up to 15 members in total as not all will be able to come along every time.

2. Choose a time and place to meet

You could find somewhere regular to meet, such as a local pub or café, or you could host the meeting at home. In time you could all take it in turns to host if that suited. As a rule monthly meetings work well, as it gives everyone time to get hold of the book, whether from the library, bookshop or purchased online, and read it before you next meet.

3. Select your books

The great thing about a book club is that it broadens your horizons when it comes to your reading material. To start with you may want to lead the way and choose which books to read, but remember to mix things up. You could choose from the latest bestsellers – there are plenty of reviews in newspapers, magazines and online to help – or you could choose a genre, such as classics or non-fiction.

4. Something else to consider

To broaden your enjoyment of books with your newly formed book club friends, you could consider organising trip to a book or literary festival. It’s a great opportunity to listen to authors speak about their latest novel and above all it’s a wonderful social occasion too.

Hay Festival

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