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How To Fit A Home Library Into A Small Space

For all book lovers, the team at Shelfstore know how important it is to have a special space to store a treasured book collection, but of course if that collection is relatively large it can be a challenge finding enough space to house everything. There are however ways to create a dedicated space for a home library no matter what size home you have – and we should know, we have helped many customers do just that!


Hallways are a great place to start and are very often overlooked as a potential area to store books. Whether you have a long thin corridor or a set of stairs to work around, if you have a blank wall against which you can fix a bookcase, then you have enough space. By choosing a shelf that isn’t too deep you can create a unit that doesn’t protrude too much into your hall space, or by using a modular unit which can be built under your stairs then every tiny bit of space can be put to good use.

Living Room

If your sofa is positioned against a wall, why not move it forward and sneak a bookcase in behind it – right up to the ceiling to make the most of your space. It’s then in the perfect position for you to be able to retrieve a book, whilst you lounge on your sofa! Alternatively you could create an integrated media unit/bookcase and create a feature of your library!

bridging beam 2

What could be nicer than being surrounded by your books in your bedroom? If you like to read in bed, then this makes perfect sense, as your reading material is always within reach. With matching bookcases positioned each side of the bed, they can also double up as bedside tables too.

Around windows and in corners

If you don’t have an expanse of wall against which to position a bookcase, you can still make good use of wall space around a window. Don’t forget out-of-the-way corners either, they can offer storage space for books and utilise otherwise wasted space.

great shelves

If you’re looking to find the perfect home for your book collection – take a look at the Shelfstore website. Shelfstore’s flexible and multipurpose system of shelving is the perfect solution for storing books and can be easily designed to fit any space, no matter what the shape to suit your book collection needs. Or why not take a look at our blog – you’ll find plenty of topics of interest!

We would love to hear from you if you are planning to use any Shelfstore products and so please tweet us @Shelfstore and we would be happy to offer any practical advice you may need.

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