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Creative Ideas On How To Display Your Shelves

arrange your shelvesHome owners all have their own display items to be proud of – and when you’ve got items that are worth displaying, they deserve a display worthy shelf to be set on.

Having a well arranged shelving unit can turn a cluttered storage area into a practical and picturesque display that not only livens up your collections, but also shows off some of your personality.

Learn how to turn your shelves into a centerpiece feature for your books and collections with our tips – here’s how to make the most of your shelves:

The Triangle Method

This method of displaying your items is known to be visually appealing and it is a little trick within the design world that’s worth using. It’s a smart way to make sure your collectables are on show – think of it by drawing an invisible triangle line between three objects your displaying – put one object at the front and two behind.

In order to mix it up even more – vary the size and shape of the triangle. The items you put on the corners could be linked up – it may be that they are the same object, colour, size or material. Therefore the object you want to stand out the most will be placed upfront.

Group Your Items

Creating an interesting display doesn’t just mean sticking to books – collections of unusual objects should also be included to create a perfect mix of items. Showing off your collections gives you’re the chance to really show off your personality, but having the odd decorative items amongst it also shows off you creative side.

Collectables that are often great to store on shelves are group trophies, bundles of travel pictures, family heirlooms, children’s latest work of art of even your favourite vintage crockery. Once you decided what you want to shelves – arrange the shelves, take a step back and then re arrange them until you’re happy with how everything looks.

Choose A Colour Scheme

However you’re grouping your collectables on your shelves – it’s important to think about colour, shape and texture. Colour creates a nice curated feel to your treasures. For instance, a grouping of light toned objects will look stunning on dark wood or brightly painted shelves.

Keep in mind that the bigger and bolder colours of your collectables and accessories means that they are more likely to stand out. You could even borrow a trick from interior designers where you use paint inside your bookcase that is a couple of shades deeper than the room colour, then rearrange the shelves with solid coloured items – this will really make your shelves stand out.

Unsure What To Display?

If you’re not sure what to showcase on your shelves – start considering the things that you love. Your interest and hobbies should come through in your accessory choices too. Don’t hold back on displaying the items you’re drawn to – your home should look like you. Just be sure to display them in a way to create a perfect shelving arrangement. Whether you collect photographs, teacups or antiques etc. – any collection you love deserves pride of a place in your home – so gather up your treasures around the house and mass them for a stunning display.

For more tips and advice when it comes to your storage solutions – be sure to have a browse through our blog.



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