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Decluttering Makes Our Lives A Lot Simpler!

Our society has undergone many changes over the years and suddenly we have access to a lot more things, many which weren’t available a generation ago! But with our homes still being the same size – it causes masses amount of clutter!

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Clutter is known to be a major stress causer! When we have clutter in our lives, it drains our energy both physically and mentally – and we end up getting into habits of organising and reorganising over and over again.

Now we all hate the feeling of clutter, it just looks a mess – but if we truly want to have an organised life, then we need to declutter as much as we can!

So to save you the hassle of reorganising over and over again, why not try some of our clever ways to help reduce clutter in your home. 6 ways to reduce clutter:

1.      Firstly, the Simplest Rule – Get Rid of Clutter!

You’ll feel so much calmer when your room is clutter free, so try and throw anything away that you don’t need – otherwise it will just get in the way and you’ll have to find somewhere else to store it.

2.      Work with Height

This is particularly important, as you don’t want heaps of stuff piling up on the floor.

Get a shelving system to solve this problem – having taller shelves are good as they take advantage of every available space!

3.  Solve your Storage Solutions

With so many well-designed and carefully considered items of furniture on the market now, it’s easy to find a solution to the trickiest of storage issues. Think creatively to make the best use of your space – choose a system that will work for you.

4.      Colours

Colour has the power to transform mood and bring peace and serenity to our surroundings.

Too much of one, can have a negative effect so offset with splashes of complementary colour to create balance. Remember – it’s the uplifting, warm colours that transform a workplace!

5.    Use Scent

It may be hard to believe but having the perfect scent can ease the mind and build a calmer atmosphere in the house.

Treat each room differently, depending on what activities take place there – you’ll be surprised the difference a scent can make to a room.

We hope these tips have helped eased your mind to having a clutter free home. Our advice – tackle one room at a time with these easy tips, and simplify your life now – without having to do any manual decluttering yourselves!

Go on – let’s make the best of the home we live in!

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.

By Tony Fitz-Costa. Check me out on Google+

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